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Connecting Brands with People

In today’s digital world, it is more necessary than ever to have a consistent and well-articulated brand universe.

Because strategy and creativity are the building blocks to online and offline communication ideas, and because brand identity is all too often neglected these days, even though it's more important now than ever to give consumers something to hold on to.

Kitchen brings a fresh, lucid approach to creating open, appealing communications and experiences that become a genuine part of people's lives.


Véronique Hermans
The Kitchen Creative Director

Graduated in journalism and communication from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

She began her career as a copywriter with Young&Rubicam before becoming creative director with some big-name agencies: Lowe, Havas, Ogilvy, Mc Cann, Emakina.

In 2010, she created Kitchen Agency.

A large number of national and international brands, major campaigns, a long list of awards and ever keen to get to the heart of the matter and deliver communication that appeals to and has an impact on people.

‘Enjoying working in partnership with an agency strategist is rare nowadays. It enables us to discuss rapidly and in-depth, to define a communication platform and transform it into a versatile marketing theme. Kitchen Agency is small in size but big in every other way and can offer what many advertisers are looking for: experience, responsiveness and innovation.’

Carl de Gussem
The Kitchen Strategic Planner

Curious by nature, a lover of books, cats and pictures. Film critic, copywriter, sales representative then strategic planner for twenty years for major international groups (Publicis – Young&Rubicam – Mostra – Havas – Emakina). A long list of major brands from all sectors, untiring enthusiasm, a diverse and accurate eye for the latest trends.

‘For me, Kitchen Agency is the opportunity to work in a team with creativity, to inject added pleasure into my profession, to share this feeling with our customers by finding strong and brilliant ideas for their brand and then putting them out there for people to enjoy!’

First and foremost, we’re a strategic planner and a creative director.
Together, we make up a unique and experienced team who know all about defining a brand, formulating a brand idea and translating it into a strong creative brief and an editorial line that are easy to build on in every channel.

Kitchen is also a network of talented specialists in Brand Activation, Web Design, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Social Media, and more.
For each individual project, we put together the ideal team of experts, who can quickly come up with innovative ideas with excellent potential that fit in with the zeitgeist.

Launching a brand or getting the brand right. Finding the right way to stand out from the crowd across all touchpoints. Be it for a startup or a well-established brand, we hone the promise, the key values and the attributes of the brand to create a vivid brand universe and creative concept. Finding the right name and a fresh tone and manner.

Getting a good and solid positioning and creating an inspiring marketing theme across all communication channels, both online and offline. We do it in a swift and insightful way.

& Positioning

  • Insight

    Collecting true insights to produce advertising that connects with people’s needs.

  • Strategy

    Defining the mission, the brand promise, the strategic focus that will be the basis for all online and offline communications.

  • Concept

    What do we say? What do we see? Transform the brand promise into a concept, into a versatile editorial line.

  • Direction

    To ensure consistency in the marketing theme, Kitchen Agency oversees the various experts involved in the project. Because brand identity is all too often neglected these days, even though it's more important now than ever to give consumers something to grab network.

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